Apply for funding

How we work

The Crespo Foundation runs own programmes and supports third-party projects and organisations. The foundation actively researches partner organisations and commits to long-term partnerships in order to achieve common objectives.

We actively support our partner organisations' development and impact orientation, capacity building, and sustainable growth.

In particular, we are looking for partner organisations that respond to a specific need, achieve sustainable impact, and implement innovative solutions which can be transferred to other contexts.

What we fund

The Crespo Foundation aims to support the development of creativity and trust in one's own potential. We empower people to actively assume responsibility for the future and to contribute to a humane and open society. We focus on the interdependent fields of cultural and social issues.

In particular, we support organisations and projects in the following fields:

  • Education and Empowerment (social issues)

  • Cultural Education and Arts (cultural issues)

What we do not fund

  • Personal scholarships

  • Individual support, e. g. in case of medical conditions

  • Construction of buildings, investments, purchase of equipment

  • Running infrastructure costs

  • Commercial endeavours or organisations

  • Projects or funding commitments without a fixed time limit

  • Funding of endeavours already begun at the time of application

  • Printing costs, purchase of art objects

As a first step, please provide us with a short description explaining the most important aspects of your project (initial proposal). We undertake to review the initial proposal and to provide you with an initial assessment as soon as possible. If we think we might be able to support your project, we will invite you to send us a detailed funding application.

Please send your initial proposal by email to: