13. November 2023

Student Airlift Afghanistan


Thanks to the Student Airlift Afghanistan scholarship programme we are funding, ten women have now arrived in Germany and are getting ready for their studies. We wish them the very best for the future! 

Women in Afghanistan are striving for basic human rights – the entitlement to life, freedom, education and security – but are prevented from achieving this goal; in 2022, the Taliban banned women and girls from attending secondary schools and universities, in clear violation of their rights. Yet emigrating is virtually impossible. 

Student Airlift Afghanistan is on a mission to change all that. The scholarship programme allows talented women from Afghanistan to emigrate to Germany so that they can study here in safety and establish a life of freedom and self-determination. The scholarship holders will receive organisational, psychological, social and financial assistance to achieve these goals. A team of volunteers comprising visa experts, travel agents, real-estate agents, therapists and student counsellors will accompany them through any difficulties they might face. 

Ten scholarship holders have already been able to leave Afghanistan; last month they arrived in Germany, where they are now preparing for their impending studies. The aim is for twenty more young women to start studying in Germany in autumn 2024. We are delighted to be supporting this vitally important project as its founding partner.