After Nature. Ulrike Crespo Photography Prize

In the Anthropocene era, humankind has to become aware that it has a particular responsibility. That requires a fundamental overhaul of the relationship between people, nature and technology. At the same time, it is imperative that we question the images, concepts and ideas we use to think about this relationship. That’s why we initiated a photography prize in conjunction with C/O Berlin that addresses exactly this topic: After Nature.


For whom?
Photographers who work with lens-based media

Commending and promoting new artistic projects connected with photography, nature and ecology

Awarded annually


Photography after nature

The After Nature – Ulrike Crespo Photography Prize is for artists who use photographic means to explore new concepts in art. Two prizes are awarded per year, with each winner receiving 40,000 euros. The projects will also be exhibited at C/O Berlin and Crespo Open Space (in German) in Frankfurt, accompanied by a joint catalogue. The artists receive help in devising the concept for their shows and deciding what they should contain. 

The prize seeks to promote projects that highlight issues such as landscapes in the Anthropocene era, how the biosphere and technosphere are intertwined, reflections on making images as an ecological practice, or adopting ‘more than human’ perspectives and exploring new options for all forms of life and nature being able to cohabit. 

The overall theme of ‘photography after nature’ introduces a dual perspective to the relationship between photography and nature: on the one hand it refers to a world ‘after nature’, where the relationship between people, the environment and technology is subject to fundamental change. On the other hand it views photography as a medium which has long documented, constructed and negotiated the relationship to the world. The term ‘photography after nature’ was often used in the nineteenth century to underscore photography’s special connection to the world. 

Named after Ulrike Crespo

The prize is named after its founder, the photographer Ulrike Crespo, who undertook detailed explorations of the themes of landscape and nature in numerous series of photos. They present a natural world that today seems both impressive and fragile, in light of the ever more noticeable effects of the climate crisis.



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second-largest photography prize 


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‘We are addressing one of the most important issues of our time with the After Nature – Ulrike Crespo Photography Prize.’

Stefan Erfurt, chair of the C/O Berlin board

‘Ulrike Crespo shows a deep understanding of nature in her own photos. Together with C/O Berlin we are carrying on her artistic commitment in this area.’

Professor Christiane Riedel, chair of the Crespo Foundation


The 'After Nature – Ulrike Crespo Photography Prize' will be jointly awarded by the Crespo Foundation and C/O Berlin Foundation from 2024 onwards. In its capacity as an exhibition venue for photography and visual media, the C/O Berlin Foundation will be responsible for implementing the project.


Dr. Maja Pflüger
Crespo Foundation

Katharina Täschner
C/O Berlin Foundation