Glenkeen Garden Residencies

We’re currently living in an era of redefining how people relate to nature. Art plays a special role in this process: it has the potential to tread new ground and generate ideas. That’s why the Crespo Foundation has initiated a programme that gives artists the ideal setting where they can address the topic: the Glenkeen Garden Residencies – ArtNature/NatureArt on the south coast of Ireland.

Glenkeen Garden Residencies

For whom?
Art collectives

Artistically exploring the relationship between human beings, nature and art 

Three months, twice a year 

Glenkeen Garden, West Cork, Ireland

The open call for 2024 and 2025 is now closed. More information about future applications will be published here.

Artists-in-residence in Ireland

Twice a year, from March to June and August to November, the Crespo Foundation invites art collectives to Glenkeen Garden so that they can source inspiration from the location. While living and working in Glenkeen Garden for those three months, the artists take part in an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary exchange about human beings, art and nature, aided by access to a local network of scholars from the humanities and natural sciences.

The location

Glenkeen Garden is a site of around 10 hectares on the coast of West Cork. Extending down to the shore of Roaringwater Bay, it is embedded in a unique landscape of archetypal Irish willows and pristine nature. The founder Ulrike Crespo (1950–2019) found the garden an inspirational place where she could work. Its design creates various zones that have been enhanced by sculptures from well-known sculptors. 

The Glenkeen Variations New exhibition and event series featuring artists from the Glenkeen Garden Residencies in Ireland.

The Glenkeen Variations is an exhibition and event series focused on the artists’ return to Ireland. Across events at the Goethe-Institut in Dublin, the UCC’s Glucksman, and the Working Artist Studios in Ballydehob, the former residents present their work to a broader audience and continue their discussions with research and community partners.

The Glenkeen Variations will kick off in March 2024 with ‘Disquieting Frequencies’ featuring works by artists Moritz Fehr and Marcus Maeder.

The series is curated by Ben Livne Weitzman.


Artist Talks Glenkeen Garden Residencies: Talk series with international artists starts under the theme ‘ArtNature/NatureArt’

In the talk series, the artists will showcase the work and research developed during their residency in Glenkeen Garden. Season 1 started in autumn 2023, with season 2 running from February to June 2024.


‘A garden changes every day, just like life. Something that’s there today is different tomorrow, or it’s already disappeared. But something else comes along instead. That’s connected with us too. One thing is already gone, but then something new starts in a different spot.’ 

Ulrike Crespo, founder



Christiana Cheiranagnostaki – Konstanza Kapsali, ‘Glenkeen Garden’, 2023, all rights reserved



Glenkeen Garden Residencies is a Crespo Foundation programme in cooperation with the Senckenberg Gesellschaft für Naturforschung (SGN) in Frankfurt and the Environmental Research Institute (ERI) at University College Cork in Ireland.


Ben Livne Weitzman
Crespo Foundation