1. August 2023

tomoni mental health


The Crespo Foundation is pleased to announce that it has become a sponsor of tomoni mental health, a programme striving to ensure that mental illnesses suffered by children and adolescents are recognised and treated at an early stage rather than being overlooked.

‘It takes a village’ is the principle upon which tomoni is based. Stemming from the idea that these challenges are best faced together, tomoni has developed a training programme that is set in the teenagers’ own surroundings in order to reach the young people themselves. Parents, pupils and teachers learn about the most prevalent mental illnesses in individually-tailored sessions, enabling them to recognise those who are affected and give them attentive and competent support. tomoni also offers assistance and advice for young people who realise that they are not feeling well and are seeking help.

tomoni.schools, an interactive professional development programme for teachers and school counsellors, can already be booked throughout Germany. Planned in conjunction with affected young people, academics and educational staff, the programme has been undergoing scientific evaluation since October 2023. Over the next three years, the programme is due to be rolled out with new aspects specifically designed for teachers at primary schools and for parents and relatives, paediatricians, friends and the affected young people themselves.

tomoni mental health gGmbH is funded by the Crespo Foundation and the Dieter Schwarz Stiftung as well as other institutional and private donors.