WORTMELDUNGEN in Crespo Studio: Artificially Creative

24. January 2024
Time 7.30 pm

Berliner Straße 27

60311 Frankfurt am Main


Free of charge

WORTMELDUNGEN in Crespo Studio

Künstlisch kreativ: Artificially Creative – What is artificial intelligence doing for our understanding of art?

Reading and conversation with Jenifer Becker and Jasmin Grimm (in German)

Presenter: Jeanne Charlotte Vogt

Can artificial intelligence become an author and artist? In what sense can AI even be creative? Do we have to distinguish between art made by humans and AI-generated art? And if yes, why is that? What does AI teach us about our own understanding of creativity and art?

Author and literary scholar Jenifer Becker researches how adaptive technologies can influence the processes, techniques and genres of writing. Yet her recently published debut novel ‘Zeiten der Langeweile’ (Times of boredom) focuses on a young woman who fails in her attempts to evade universal digital connectivity. Curator Jasmin Grimm is a close observer of the interaction between digitalisation and art, particularly through the creative application of AI. Jeanne Charlotte Vogt, who has amassed a wealth of expertise in digital art as a curator, will be presenting the discussion.

This event in Crespo Studio is part of the WORTMELDUNGEN series.

The WORTMELDUNGEN programme is run by the Crespo Foundation.