WORTMELDUNGEN in Crespo Studio: ‘Born, raised and murdered in Germany’ Reading and discussion

21. February 2024
7.30 pm

Berliner Straße 27

60311 Frankfurt am Main


Free of charge

WORTMELDUNGEN in Crespo Studio

Thinking and writing about Hanau: ‘Born, raised and murdered in Germany’ Reading and discussion

Reading and conversation with Çetin Gültekin and Mutlu Koçak (in German)

Presenter: Evein Obulor

On 19 February 2020, an assassin murdered nine people in Hanau for racist motives. Gökhan Gültekin was one of them. In his recently published book ‘Born, raised and murdered in Germany’, Çetin Gültekin not only tells the story of his brother, but also reconstructs the Hanau attack and its consequences in detail. Together with his co-author, Mutlu Koçak, he emphasises the tragedy of the Hanau attack and makes it clear how many questions remain unanswered to this day. Evein Obulor will discuss this in detail with both of them.

This event in Crespo Studio is part of the WORTMELDUNGEN series in cooperation with the Initiative 19 February Hanau.

The WORTMELDUNGEN programme is run by the Crespo Foundation.