‘Um mein Leben: Ein biografischer Bericht.’ (About my life: a biographical report) Reading and discussion

4. December 2023
Time 6 pm

Crespo Studio
Berliner Straße 27, 60311 Frankfurt am Main

With Koschka Linkerhand, one of the book’s authors

‘Um mein Leben’ (About my life) is a book written in German that tells the story of Azadiya H., a young lesbian woman from the Yazidi community. ‘Everything I do, I do it to be close to my cousin.’ Azadiya H.’s cousin was murdered by her own father because she wanted to control her life. After the ‘honour’ killing, Azadiya recognised that she had to change the way she herself lived in order to be free: born into a rigidly defined community as a Yazidi Kurd in Germany; as a lesbian; as a woman who wanted to study, travel and play football. Years later, Azadiya left her family. In ‘Um mein Leben’ she tells of violence within the family, of facing administrative hurdles, of sexism in everyday German life – and of her unconditional desire to be free and help other women become liberated. 

The reading is presented by VAIA!, which offers advice and protection, and the women’s rights advisory centre FIM – Frauenrecht ist Menschenrecht. Both organisations combat violence committed in the name of ‘honour’ and forced marriages. The experiences related in ‘Um mein Leben’ are typical of what many FIM and VAIA! clients have been through. 

This will be followed by a conversation in which the advice centres talk about their work and open up the floor for a discussion and nuanced exchange of views.

About VAIA!

VAIA! provides advice and protection for young women who have experienced physical, psychological or sexual violence from their families, relatives or acquaintances or are facing forced marriage. The Crespo Foundation makes a significant contribution towards funding VAIA!