Artist Talks Glenkeen Garden Residencies Vol. 6 mit Tania Rubio

27. March 2024
7 pm

Berliner Straße 27
60311 Frankfurt am Main


Free of charge

Artist Talks Glenkeen Garden Residencies Vol. 6 mit Tania Rubio

Artist Talks Glenkeen Garden Residencies with Tania Rubio

The Crespo Foundation is delighted to continue the series of artist talks featuring Glenkeen Garden residents. Located in Roaringwater Bay in West Cork, Ireland, the Glenkeen Garden Residency has been active since 2021, welcoming diverse groups and individual artists in this unique setting under the motto “ArtNature/NatureArt”. In the talk series, the artists will showcase the work and research developed during their residency. The inaugural exhibition of the residency program will open in Frankfurt this Autumn at the new Crespo House at Weißfrauenstraße.

During her residency, Tania Rubio, a Mexican sound artist and researcher specializing in biomusic, grew attentive to the delicate water movements along Roaringwater Bay. She crafted a chamber music composition for twelve instruments as well as using field recordings and electronics, blending water sounds, bird vocalizations, and percussive elements from a self-built metallophone, providing a sonic tapestry of Glenkeen’s distinctive soundscape.

The talks, moderated by Ben Livne Weitzman, will be held in English.