A portal for literature from regions affected by war and conflict

Weiter Schreiben (Keep on Writing)

Weiter Schreiben is a literary platform that gives a voice to authors from regions affected by war and conflict. Weiter Schreiben has been translating, illustrating and publishing poetry and prose by writers in exile since 2017.


Weiter Schreiben ‘buddies’ Yirgalem Mebrahtu and Fridolin Schley. Photo: Sima Dehgani

‘An immense gain for German-language literature’

Weiter Schreiben links exiled authors with renowned German-speaking writers as ‘buddies’, and stages joint reading events. Authors have an existential need to keep on writing, to keep on being read and heard  – and their writing and their points of view are of invaluable benefit to the literary landscape here.

Weiter Schreiben was set up in May 2017 in order to make things easier for authors who had fled to Germany, helping them to get settled in the country and access the book market. Since then, between two and four illustrated texts have been published every month in their original language and in German.

A global network for literature 

Weiter Schreiben cooperates with literary institutions in Germany, Austria, Poland and Switzerland, as well as with over 150 authors, translators, artists, photographers and musicians from twelve countries. A print magazine has been published annually since 2019, and there are regular literary correspondances and podcasts. An anthology (Ullstein Verlag, 2018) and audio book (Der Hörverlag, 2022) have also appeared.

Weiter Schreiben at a glance

For whom?
Exiled authors in Germany, interested readers and the literary scene

Helping authors who have fled their countries to get settled in Germany and access the book market; opening up new horizons for the German literary scene.

Weiter Schreiben has been active since 2017. The Crespo Foundation is sponsoring the project from 2024 onwards for an initial period of three years. 

A broader view

Weiter Schreiben gives authors a platform where their voices and opinions can be heard, thereby presenting points of view that otherwise seldom feature in the public discourse. In this manner, Weiter Schreiben is helping to foster transcultural dialogue and overcome sterotypes. The Crespo Foundation, which has been promoting universal participation since its inception, believes that Weiter Schreiben is hence making a vital contribution that is worthy of support.


  • In 2018, Weiter Schreiben received the Power of the Arts prize.

  • In 2022, the project was awarded the Hermann Kesten-Förderpreis by PEN Centre Germany.

  • In 2023, Weiter Schreiben won the German Cultural Sponsorship Prize for the programme Untold – Weiter Schreiben Afghanistan, in conjunction with KfW Stiftung and the London NGO Untold Narratives CIV.

„Weiter Schreiben“ in numbers









‘This unique exchange produces texts that have a wide impact because they are destined to be published. Despite the biographical ties, the quality of the literary work is important above all else. The initiators led by Annika Reich have succeeded not only in closing a structural gap but also in introducing a sense of calm and reflection to a heated debate. 

The jury on its reasons for awarding the Power of the Arts prize

‘Weiter Schreiben is a project that helps exiled authors carry on writing and gives the German literary scene the fresh new approaches we so badly need.’ 

Lama Al Haddad, project manager of „Weiter Schreiben“

‘We only ever read about the people who come to us as refugees, but here they finally have their say.’

Anna Vollmer, Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung

‘Weiter Schreiben – keep on writing – does exactly what the name suggests: Keep on going. Persevere. Develop. Expand.’

Senthuran Varatharajah, Freitext, Zeit Online

Our partners

Weiter Schreiben is run by WIR MACHEN DAS with support from the Crespo Foundation and the German Literature Fund.



Sandra Poppe
Crespo Foundation

‘The focus on language makes it a particular challenge for authors who have fled their homeland to get settled in their new country. This “dual peril” is where Weiter Schreiben comes in, supporting writers to find their feet in Germany and access the literary market.’