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tomoni mental health has taken on the task of promoting early recognition of psychological illnesses among teenagers and young people. Teachers and other members of school staff can make a real difference by recognising the symptoms of psychiatric illness and approaching it in the right way. That’s because around 75% of all mental illnesses appear in childhood and adolescence. So tomoni mental health has developed the tomoni.schools training programme in conjunction with academics, affected young people, and educational professionals. This interactive digital module can be booked throughout Germany and provides insights and strategies for dealing with the psychological challenges facing young people every day at school.

One in every seven young people between the ages of 10 and 19 suffered from a mental illness in 2019, while 75 percent of all psychiatric illnesses diagnosed in adults first appeared while they were at school. Yet these illnesses are frequently overlooked and swept under the carpet.

tomoni mental health campaigns for mental illnesses experienced by children and adolescents to be recognised and treated in school and social settings as early as possible. Rather than being overlooked, those affected receive dedicated competent support from teachers, parents, doctors and friends. tomoni achieves this by offering scientifically based training programmes on major psychiatric illnesses. 

The first programme, tomoni.schools, is specifically directed at all those active in schools (teachers, pupils, trainee teachers, members of counselling teams and school leadership teams, school social workers and school psychologists) who want to improve their skills in recognising and dealing with mental illnesses experienced by their pupils. 

For whom?
For educational professionals, parents, doctors, children and adolescents

Mental illnesses experienced by young people should be diagnosed and systematically treated as soon as possible so that those affected can deal with their illnesses better and lead a content, worthwhile life

8 x 90 minutes (the basics, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, addiction, depression, self-harming behaviours, suicidal tendencies, talking with parents)

Throughout Germany and digitally 

It takes a village. Rethinking mental health.

Teachers bear a huge responsibility in fulfilling their duty of care towards the children and adolescents who have been entrusted to them – and they are often the first people to notice mental illnesses. tomoni.schools is a specially developed training programme that is designed to help teachers and all school stakeholders detect warning signs of psychological conditions at an early stage and enable them to provide initial practical support. Scholarly experts and everyday experts – people who have personally experienced mental illness – teach participants key basic facts about anxiety disorders, depression, eating disorders, addiction, self-harming and suicidal tendencies. The digital training programme comprises eight modules, each lasting 90 minutes. 

Similar training programmes for parents (tomoni.parents), paediatric doctors (tomoni.doctors) and for the young people themselves (tomoni.peers) are currently being developed.

Die Crespo Foundation is supporting this social organisation through its start-up and growth phases.

‘Thank you for this series of training modules. I gained so much from it and now I’m less uncertain about these issues, and I’m optimistic that I can apply what I’ve learned when the situation demands it.’

Sarah, secondary school teacher





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tomoni mental health gGmbH is funded by the Crespo Foundation and the Dieter Schwarz Stiftung as well as other institutional and private donors.


Alix Puhl
Founder & Co-CEO