6. February 2024

TELLUS is taking on interns again

What is TELLUS?

TELLUS interns do their compulsory internship with TELLUS at a vocational school in the Rhein-Main region, supporting young immigrants in intensive classes during this time and gaining a great deal of practical and didactic experience in the process.

The close exchange with other TELLUS interns, teachers and school social work specialists is what makes TELLUS special: the internship includes a varied programme with theoretical content, coaching sessions and reflection meetings with the TELLUS community.

The TELLUS internship lasts one school year and comprises approx. 10 hours per week. It is remunerated at €545 per month and is recognised by universities as a compulsory internship.

Apply now!

We are now accepting applications for the 2024/25 school year. Students can apply ...

  • Business Education (BA), Teacher Training (1–5) and Educational Sciences at Goethe University Frankfurt

  • Social Work at Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences and Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences

  • Teacher training programme (L4) at the Technical University of Darmstadt

Questions about the TELLUS internship?

We offer an open ZOOM consultation hour with TELLUS alumni on the following dates

Friday, 23.2.2024
Friday, 19.4.2024

from 2 to 4 pm each day

Meeting ID: 885 1211 5065

Identification code: Praktikum