Ulrike Crespo

We mourn the passing of our founder, Ulrike Crespo, who died in Frankfurt am Main on 7 October, 2019 at the age of just 68. Born in the Northern Hessian town of Fulda and brought up in Darmstadt, Ulrike Crespo later identified closely with her chosen home, Frankfurt. With great personal dedication, Ulrike Crespo developed and expanded her foundation to a significant institution in the German foundation sector.

Her primary concern was supporting people in their personal development, encouraging them to take their destiny into their own hands and assume responsibility for themselves and others. With this mission, she promoted the personal, professional and creative development of many individuals and families on a lasting basis.

We will sorely miss Ulrike Crespo’s vibrancy, her openness, her empathy and her humour, and consider ourselves fortunate to have been able to accompany and support her on her journey. With profound respect, we salute Ulrike Crispo for her life's work and remember her with deep gratitude for her numerous initiatives, her generosity and her friendship.