Ulrike Crespo

Ulli Crespo, born in 1950 in Fulda, grew up in Darmstadt. Following a photography apprenticeship, she studied French, Art History and Archaeology in Lausanne and Geneva.
Back in Germany, she went on to study Psychology in Frankfurt am Main in the 80s, qualifying as a psychological psychotherapist.

From the 90s onward, Ulli Crespo engaged intensively with photographic art. Her main focus was on landscape and plant photography. 2011 saw the publication of her first photo book, “Twilight”. Further publications followed such as “ Cold Landscape” (2013), “Rainflowers” (2015), “Iceland” (2017), “Danakil” (2018), “North Korea” (2019) and “Greenland” (2020) . Two publications (“Twilight” 2012 and “Under Water’s Skin” 2015) were nominated for the German Photo Book Prize. Her photographs have been shown in solo shows and group exhibitions in such locations as Frankfurt am Main, Vienna, Munich, Heidelberg, Dusseldorf and Schull (Ireland). In March 2021, photographs from the Greenland cycle were to be seen in the ZOLLAMT of Frankfurt’s MUSEUM MMK FÜR MODERNE KUNST.
In addition to her own artistic work as a photographer, she collected the works of contemporary artists.
From 2001 onwards, as the founder of the Crespo Foundation in Frankfurt, she supported artists and art institutions and initiated grant schemes in the area of education and social affairs. With great personal dedication, Ulrike Crespo developed her foundation into a significant institution in the German foundation sector.

Her primary concern was supporting people in releasing their creative potential and in their personal development, encouraging them to take their destiny into their own hands and assume responsibility for themselves and others. With this mission, she promoted the personal, professional and creative development of many individuals and families on a lasting basis.
Ulli Crespo lived and worked in Frankfurt am Main, Vienna and West Cork, Ireland. She died in October 2019.
Her positive approach, openness, empathy and generosity left their mark on the work of the Crespo Foundation. Her motto “Strengthening individuals” remains a central concern for the Foundation.

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